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Line Separator doesn’t render correctly

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    I inserted line separator Wide Line. It renders as three dots in each case. How can I fix this?

    Avatar photoBob
    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    I am using the Block Editor, how can I insert the <hr> tag there? Thanks!

    Avatar photoBob
    [anonymous] wrote:

    I am using the Block Editor, how can I insert the hr tag there? Thanks!

    Use the divider block:

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    I am using this, and it doesn’t render correctly, it renders as three dots instead of a line.

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    When using the Block editor (rather than, say the WYSIWYG editor), click / select the line you made — sounds like three asterisks — then as soon as you do that, on the right side, the Block Editor displays another button ellipsis: click that, then you can choose from the line style you want: a ‘simple’ horizontal line (= wide line), or shown as 3 asterisks (= Dots), or shown as a single asterisk (= Dot). Finally, click anywhere on the page. You should then see your preferred line style displayed.

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    I am not sure how else to explain this. I am using the “wide line” separator. It looks okay in the Block Editor, but when I click Preview or deploy the posts on a live side, it doesn’t show as a wide line, but as three asterixes -> doesn’t render as designed. Just test please how this function behaves to reproduce the issue.

    Avatar photoBob

    So, maybe your theme does not support it.

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    I am using the ProDocs Theme, and I saw this line separator on the Publii documentation site, which is done with the ProDocs theme.

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