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Link based on Tag

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    After installing Version: 0.41.0 (build 15910), I create a new post, and a new Tag. Inside this post, when I would like to create a link based on this new tag, but it does’nt appear in the tag list.

    This was working with the previous version.

    The tag list seems to be incomplete and it is not ordered (with the previous version, tags where sorted by creation date).

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    Please check if the mentioned tag is not marked as “hidden”. In Publii v.0.41 we have excluded hidden tags from the link popup, because they were not rendered so creating link to them have no sense.

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    I just verified and it is not hidden.

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    That’s weird – I cannot reproduce such issue. Also the only change in the UI was following:

    As you can see – we just filter tags which are marked as hidden – there are no changes regarding ordering or any additional filters for tags since v.0.40

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    @clac1 – ok I see this issue now on a website which has more tags – indeed there are 3 tags instead of 13. I suppose that it can be related to fact that some tags could be saved when `isHidden` option was not available what explains the issue. I will fix it today and we will release a hot fix v.0.41.1

    Thank you for spotting this – it is an issue with backward compatibility for older websites, that’s why it has been harder to detect 🙂

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    Thanks a lot for your successful investigation.

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    FYI v.0.41.1 is available for download 🙂

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    Hi Tomasz,

    new Tags I set are not working, Tags which I set half a year ago still do. I updated 0.41.1 and Tag is not marked “hidden”. Neither new nor old posts work with the new Tag, but both with an old Tag. Could it be, that it still doesn’t work?

    Best regards,


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    @MargareteGiessmann – are you sure that we are saying about the same problem as the original one in this topic? Also – how many tags do you have?

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    One thing to note is that if a (new or old) Tag is added only to “hidden” posts, then it will not appear in the list of tags on the published site, and the corresponding tag page will also not be created (providing 404), despite it being shown on those posts. Make sure the pages where you assign the tag are also not “hidden”, not just the tag.

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    I’m not sure. I have right now 16 tags. I just reduced them,  but it still didn‘t work with the new ones.

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    I don‘t have any hidden posts nor tags anymore and reduced them to 12 Tags. I also tried it with changing in a shorter name. The old one still work, but the new ones still don‘t. I‘m sorry.

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    During the process of creating a post, you may have to create one or more new tags. Then you may want to use them in a link, in this same post. It is mandatory to have saved the post before.
    And I noticed that, unlike the previous version, the new tag does not always appear at the top of the list. Sometimes you have to search for it in the list.
    But I don’t encounter the bug that caused this topic anymore.
    I don’t know if this experience can be useful….

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    I have found out how the tags work after updating:

    I changed the names of the Tags. They had all started with the same number (year 20…), which didn’t work. Now I created terms with different initial letters. The related posts open now.

    Thank you for this great tool publii! 🙂