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Local Dropbox folder messed up

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    I use publii with Dropbox shared across 3 computer within my team. Sites are hosted on S3 with cloud front.

    I had one site working great over last two days. Today I started to setup second site. While I was updating site config for new site app stopped responding and was not able to save the settings. Only to realised for some reason the Dropbox folder (where all the publii) sites are stored are messed up.

    I fail to understand how sites folder can get messed up ? I m 100% sure it was not initiated from other computers.
    secondly what should I do next as my local folder (Dropbox) is messed up and publii can’t seems to recognise any sites there.
    Is there any ways I can download the site

    content from s3 buckets ?

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    What do you meant that the folder is “messed up”.

    Please consider restore removed files through dropbox backup – as I see they are storing 30-day backup for files: