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Lost all local files

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    A month ago I needed to reinstall Windows and afterwards a new Publii. I added the backup file. All looked good. Today I made a new post but it didn’t sync. The added menu item was on 2 places 🙄 Locally the post was created but didn’t upload. I thought the local file settings were wrong, I changed it and than all local files were gone! I put them back with filezilla but Publii wants me to create a new website….when I type the new it says it already exists.
    Meanwhile I got Publii working but it does not see my files…is there a way to sync the other way around, from the server to locall?

    What can I do?

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    First of all – do you have sites catalog with your website catalog which contains input, output and preview folders?

    Also – do you have a “Cancel” button in the website creation form? If yes – please try to click it – then you should be redirected to the first website on the websites list

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    Actually I started all over again, after I made sure I copied texts and images. Till now I ‘only’ have 6 posts. I would like to know how can I prevent this from happening again? How to backup properly so that I can continue on another computer working on my site? As I have read here, it seems to be a critical situation when you need to install Publii again.

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    You can use Tools -> Backup for making backups of your websites after any bigger changes. Also please consider to put these backups on a folder which is backed up on a separate device/cloud service – then even after losing your computer, you will be able to restore your website data from backup (since few Publii versions you can easily restore website from the backup file)