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MACOS Publii 0.38.3 and template Simple logo responsibility error

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    I try do my first web in Publl, it is looking great. I set only one page and one site logo. But on mobile devices logo float over the text. 🙁

    You can see it on

    Where I do mistake?

    Avatar photoBob

    Your content in the hero section is too “high”.

    Quick fix: increase the height of the hero section for mobile devices. Add the following CSS rule with the Custom CSS tool:

    @media all and (max-width: 37.4375em) {
      .hero {
        height: 100vh;
    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Sorry, this not work, i can set HEIGHT 100vh in template, but on mobile portrait looks better, in landscape still bad.

    Avatar photoBob

    Play with the height value, instead of 100vh try to use 100vmax; also consider adding media queries in landscape orientation etc.

    BTW/ Who uses landscape mode to browse the site on mobile?

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Maybe is not good template for this purpose (onepage style web).

    Avatar photoBob

    I think so, it is trictly dedicated to blogs.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Normal people using mobile landscape too (becouse there is bigest font)