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Managing custom html page

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    Avatar photokrzakx

    If I do need to manage an seperate static html + css page inside Publii project files (input, output, preview) how I can achieve it?
    My goal is also to deploy it to remote server if only possible.

    Avatar photoitips3727

    I’m not sure how you could manage a ‘separate’ static HTML + CSS page inside a Publii project. However, you could upload a separate page using a separate FTP program. But of course, using this option, the ‘separate’ page and its assets would not get backed up by Publii — though you could then perhaps use full site backup options on your web hosting server.

    Avatar photoGPax

    I think you can upload them in the root directory through the file manager.

    Avatar photokrzakx

    Upload maybe yes, but I can’t generate it using partials.hbs ?

    Avatar photogpsblues

    Yes, it is possible.
    1. You create a specific post template in config.json:
    “postTemplates”: {
    “myHtml”: “My personal HTML page”
    2. You create the post-myHtml.hbs file which contains your custom css/html code.
    3. You create a post with the title you want (e.g. personal) and you give it the myHtml template.
    4. The rendering creates the personal.html file that responds to the post-myHtml.hbs syntax (if you don’t use the hendbars {{{text}}} the content is independent of what you write in Publii)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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