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Markdown import + latex ?

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    I’m new to Publii. I understand from the documentation that there is a basic markdown editor implemented in the Publii editor. It works when I type the markdown shortcuts. However, if I do a cut and paste from a Markdown document, I don’t have any formatting at all in the editor, in preview or after publishing.

    Any idea about how to solve this issue ?

    Also, is there a way to import formula that are formatted with latex ?

    Thanks !

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    WYSIWYG editor supports only a few markdown shortcuts;  I think you should try the prerelease version fo Publii that has built-in native Markdown editor

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    Just tried it, same issue :/

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    Actually, even when I type the markdown shortcuts with 0.36 does not works at all.

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    [anonymous] wrote:

    Just tried it, same issue :/

    Can you attach a screen record?

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    For information, still having the same issue with prerelease 4.