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Massively – Previous Next buttons

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    I am using the Massively theme and am looking for a way for the user to navigate forwards and backwards between posts.  I may have missed it, but is there a way to accomplish this?

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    Massively Does not have this feature. You have two options.

    You can use another template. Mercury for example, is a clean and attractive template that I like that has this feature.

    The other option is if you are a coder.

    You can take a peak under the hood and modify the Massively template using the Mercury template as an example. Skills required is HTML and Handlebars. Both are very simple to get into. If you are not skilled in these areas, it can be frustrating to get into anything new, but rewarding. The options available to you are vast.


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    Thank you for your prompt response, publii-spla, much appreciated.

    Good to know that I wasn’t missing something obvious.  I’ll try Mercury in the first place…  If I can’t achieve what I want then I’ll try the coding route.

    Thanks again.