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Massively theme help with menu items

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Hello, my name is francisco and while i was surfing the web learning of ways to make a website i stumbled across publii, and really loved it! I have been learning for 2 weeks now, and the only one thing i could not fix/move/change is the rendering on website the menu with submenu option. here are the screen shots:

    in the fisrt photo there are the menu item and sub menus

    in the second photo you can see the website rendered on desktop and  see how the menu item Journal (that has submenu) is different and doesnt render anithing.

    in the third photo you can see the website rendered in mobile and it works great!

    Is it a bug, or how it is used to work ( i need to change the code)?

    Thank you for your attention!

    Avatar photoBob

    Unfortunately, this theme does not support the dropdown menu. It has been adapted by me to Publii CMS, comes from HTML5UP, but without support for a multi-level menu.