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Maximum file size issue when publishing to Netlify

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    Hello, total beginner here.  I’m just messing around with making a personal website so I can teach a bunch of scientists to make their own in a science communication course, and we’ve decided to use Publii + Netlify, free versions of everything. I’m enjoying the Publii CMS and the preview all works well, but I run into an issue when I try to sync it to the Netlify site I created.

    An error occurred during connecting to the server: Max file size exceeded (10485760)

    Any input?


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    Do you have any big files on your website?

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    So far just a little bit of text, and maybe 10 large images.

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    [anonymous] wrote:

    So far just a little bit of text, and maybe 10 large images.

    I think he’s asking for the actual image size in MB.

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    There are two possibilities – some of your images is very big, or you there is a problem with Netlify API. We saw similar issue which was explained with Netlify Team but as you can see – it is not solved.

    Could you attach backup of your website (you can do share it through and with use of private reply on this forum)? I will try to reproduce this issue on my own computer.