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Mercury submenu bug

  • #6001
    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    If I place a menu item with a subcategory in the rightmost position, the submenu displays erratically… Depending on screen size, the submenu is visible, truncated or invisible…

    menuItem 01  menuItem 02  menuItem 03

    If I place the menu item in any other position, it displays fairly consistently.

    tested on a vanilla install of Mercury, so with default theme settings…

    Avatar photoBob

    any screenshot or live demo?

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    I can set up a live demo if needed, but here are a couple of shots:

    1. On first load, everything is OK on the desktop.
    2. After any kind of resizing, truncated on the desktop

    Also note that the submenu never displays on the iPad…

    Avatar photoBob

    It’s a bug in the script menu, I will try to fix it in the next theme update.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Argh. Any temporary CSS fix I might try in the meantime?