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Mercury theme column layout issue

  • #3784
    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    I found changing the number of columns of Tags page layout have effect unless it match the layout of Frontpage.

    For instance, if Frontpage layout is 4 columns, change Tags page layout to 2 columns, Tags page still render 4 columns.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]
    I got it, change this line
    <div class=”l-col l-col{{@config.custom.layoutFrontpage}}”>
    <div class=”l-col l-col{{@config.custom.layoutTags}}”>
    now I got the correct rendering.
    Avatar photoBob

    What version of the Mercury theme are you using?

    Avatar photoBob

    Ok, I got it, I noticed this bug is in v2.1.0.0, I fixed it locally and will be released the next week with the new Publii release.

    Thx for reporting this issue.