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Message for the devs – thank you!

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    tl;dr: I’ve had a personal blog/website for over 20 years and Publii is now my absolute favorite blogging software.

    I probably shouldn’t get this excited about software, but wow! I am so happy with Publii, I couldn’t keep it inside 😀

    I’ve had a little personal website in one form or another since 1998, and over the years moved from just plain HTML to Drupal, Django, TextPattern, etc.  I like to journal about my traveling and photography, and those systems always had pain points about photo galleries – either lack of mass uploading files, couldn’t edit captions, hard to reorder photos, etc.

    I was trying a couple different new platforms this past weekend (Ghost, WithKnown) and I found a mention of Publii on the selfhosted subreddit.  I’ve been using online dynamic CMS’ like Drupal for a long time so at first I thought Publii wouldn’t be able to do what I want, but DANG, it does everything I need and in an easy to use way.

    The killer feature for me is the block editor – the satisfaction I got from just clicking the little plus sign and being able to add a photo gallery to an article was astounding.  And then, woah, I can add ANOTHER gallery later in the article?!  I thought I was the only one on earth who wanted that feature.  When I tried the same thing with Ghost, I found that their gallery only supports up to 9 pictures, which seems crazy in today’s image-heavy web.

    So, Publii Devs, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting all the time and money into this project.  I am going to look into one of the financial support options because I want this program to be around forever, and I know my thanks doesn’t really pay your bills.  It’s perhaps silly that I won’t pay for WordPress/wix/squarespace hosting, or for a subscription to WithKnown or whatever, but I’ll do as much as I’m able to help you guys keep the lights on.

    Thank you again for this amazing program.

    PS: I’m sure something like WordPress could support image galleries since there’s a million plugins, but I had to use WP professionally once and I hated it (plus there’s always a fresh article about WordPress sites getting hacked).

    Avatar photoBob

    Hi jwoltman,

    Thanks for taking the time to share your appreciation for Publii! We are thrilled to hear that it has become your favorite blogging software and has addressed the pain points you’ve experienced with other platforms.

    Thanks again for your kind words and enthusiasm.

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    I absolutely second this!

    The first time I built a website was back then using Dreamweaver and it completly sucked.
    Ever since then I was looking out for a good alternative, tried WordPress and things, but none of these alternatives met my needs.
    Then, in 2021 I encountered Publli and it immediately made me performing another effort to publish a blog of mine!
    In fact, my exitement for Publii made me have a residential Publii category on my blog about all things open-source!
    I get plenty of readers for my Publii articles and according to comments, I managed at least to drive a few readers to your amazing project.
    It seems to me there is a strong interest for a Desktop CMS – allowing full control and offline working.

    So, please keep up the amazing work, since I’m absolutely loving Publii!!

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    Ditto all.

    I doubt there is anything out there as good as what the Publii team have done in key areas especially including: cutting edge code quality, powerful SEO options, accessibility, speed of site loading, website security, and so on. When more key plugins become available, such as key shopping carts, etc., who knows how it will expand in popularity. So a big thank you, good luck, fingers crossed.

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    It might not be a whole lot, but I’m now a monthly donor.  I’d encourage anyone who can spare a few bucks to contribute to this project.