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Meta descritpion doesn’t appear

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    I don’t understand, when i search my site on google, it appears but the meta descritpion doesn’t appear, i don’t understand why…

    I have however completed everything in the settings > SEO (image attached).

    please help me

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    I still don’t get it, it’s not working.

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    “Technically” it looks like everything is ok, I think you need to ask an SEO expert.


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    I noticed in the source files that there was no “Robots.txt” file. Should I create one? If so, how and where should I put it?

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    Google decides either automatically, or sometimes manually, whether to use your specific meta description, or, whether to extract what Google considers to be an acceptable meta description, from your page source text.

    Try not to use ampersand (&) symbols, and hyphens in your meta description text (plus, best to avoid trademark symbols, copyright symbols, in fact any symbols). Just use pure factual text description or summary of your page, that doesn’t include any personal opinions or hyperbole.

    Even after doing that, you may still need to be patient for changes to appear in Google search. To speed up, or prompt reindexing by Google, you could try deleting your existing sitemap.xml file, and then resubmitting your sitemap.xml file in Google Search Console.

    Good luck.