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Migration to another machine

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    I was having trouble migrating my Publii files from my Pop!_OS machine to my Mac but found this thread. I zipped the directory, unzipped on my Mac and all was fine.

    Now, I need to move my Publii files back to my Pop!_OS machine. Using the same method continues to deliver the same error message:

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    Am I missing something? I only used Publii on my Mac for a week while my System76 machine was getting repaired. They’re (essentially) the same files.


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    Do you have the same username on the new computer? The error is caused by fact that Publii cannot find a directory listed in the error message.

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    Yes, the username is the same on both computers. However, the path is different on Linux:


    vs Mac OS:


    It looks like I can edit that in:


    …and that worked.

    Thanks for pointing that out. I expected the path to be relative to the user directory.