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Missing Images Size Attributes

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    It’s not the first time I report this issue but, I just tried again with a new theme and I see the same issue: images uploaded within a post have no height and width automatically added (can be done manually though). The Featured Image has no problem there.

    Avatar photoBob

    It should work. When you upload the image do you see the width and height in a pop-up window?
    What OS and Publii version are you using?


    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    I use Windows 10 latest version. I used the same as seen in your picture, it’s just that these fields are weirdly staying empty.

    Avatar photoBob

    hm.. these fields should be completed automatically.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    I know, that was the case until the last Publii update when this behavior stopped, I don’t know why but it’s happening on all the websites I operate. I also tried with different options (with or without lazy loading, etc. to no avail).

    Avatar photoBob

    I do not know either. You are the first who report this issue.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Okay, tried on Windows Sandbox (virtual machine) with new installation of Publii on a totally new website and I see the exact same problem:

    Avatar photoBob

    ok, I did a quick test and in fact, it doesn’t work on Windows, on macOS works fine.


    Avatar photo[anonymous]
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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Alright, thanks 3,000 times Bob! I’m closing this thread now.