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more markdown: footer

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    Avatar photowritep

    It seems that the footer element does not take markdown. I guess this means other areas also do not take markdown, which perhaps is limited to the post elements?

    I would like to suggest to have markdown throughout the various places where to the web surfer visible text can be inputted.


    Avatar photowritep

    I would edit the original post to add html can also not be used. I wanted to simply include the creative commons license logo, link to its page, and have a hover over text appear.

    Avatar photoprivii

    Where are you inputting this? Theme > Footer > Copyright text takes HTML. I’m not on the oldest Publii version though so I’m not sure if something’s changed.

    Avatar photowritep

    Version 0.43.1 (0.43.1)

    Theme: Editorial-2 (v.

    Theme > Footer

    Any basic html or markdown renders as plain text showing the code as if it were text. Like

    [![CC BY-NC-SA]( "CC BY-NC-SA")](


    <p>CC BY-NC-SA</p>


    Avatar photoprivii

    Did you switch to source code mode?

    Avatar photowritep

    Oh slap me … When it is right under your nose and you don’t see it … Thank you for helping me out!

    html does work, markdown does not in the footer, but would be terrific!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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