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Moved default location of Publii – need help resetting

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    This is a help request not a bug request so I can repost if needed.

    I run Publii on my iMac and it was working GREAT. Loved it. just about to purchase theme.

    I installed Publii, later, on my laptop and realized I screwed up on file locations and things got out whack quickly.

    Issue 1:

    The iMac will not even bring Publii up – it keeps telling me it cannot find the sites folder and it’s true, the original location was incorrect and I tried to change it. But now I cannot bring Publii up to correct this.  It all worked until I mindlessly tried to move it to match the location on the Laptop.

    Is there some kind of config.txt file I can delete and start over or edit?

    issue 2:

    on my Laptop I can bring up Publii. I can sync the website. But I get a pop up asking nor the ‘publii-netifly-id’.  I’ve tried the Publii Token generated on Netifly and the site idea but the pop up keeps denying it.

    So I’m dead in the water and stumped. I’m happy to just reset and start over but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that. I have a backup on the partial site I have in design. I just didn’t pay close enough attention when adding the laptop and then well IDK what happened. My fault.

    Thoughts on how to reset all this?


    Tom Parish


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    1. you can edit paths directly in the /Users/XXX/Documents/Publii/config/app.config.json file

    2. in the appearing window you must provide your macOS account password – it is a dialog to provide access to the tokens stored in your keychain 🙂