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Moving Publii to a new computer

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    This past week my PC where I had Publii installed crashed. Luckily the day before I made backups of all my site’s local directories which Publii used. I have my sites deployed to Netlify and have all the login credentials/tokens saved.

    I’ve transferred my files to a new device. Apart from installing Publii, what I do I have to do to get Publii to recognize the local directory where my files are and then sync them with Netlify as before?

    Avatar photoBob

    There are two ways to restore the website from the backup:

    1. Go to Documents/Publii/sites/ and create a folder with the name of your backed-up website, then unzip your backup file and extract here its content (three folders: input, output, preview, to be exact); now launch an app.
    2. Create a new website with the same as your backed-up website, and recover the content using the Backup Tool.

    I hope it helps.

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    I had a similar problem and don’t have a backup even. Will downloading the repository from GitHub help me in continuing my development? How?


    Avatar photoBob

    @shantnav I’m afraid it’s not possible to recover your website from the rendered files.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Thanks for this! I just tried method #1 and it worked. The only thing I needed to do there is reset the server settings (enter the Netlify API key/Tokens etc). I think as long as the path is as it is in method #1, everything will work.