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Multiple errors

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    Hi. Been using Publii for some time now without issues. This morning I added a post without any issues. Then I was adding a new menu item and got an error message when reordering the items that said something like “out of space”. Then, when I tried to preview I got a message saying that the site could not be rendered. I think it was JSON error end of something??? (Sorry, I should have written those down, I know.)  I closed Publii, downloaded the latest version and installed it. Now I can see my web site on the dropdown under “Select a website”, but selecting it does nothing (the message stays at Select a website). Any suggestions?

    I’m on Windows, if that helps.

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    Tech person assisting here – issue was caused by trying to edit menu structure with no space on drive. input/config/menu.config had become blank. Fixed by copying json from known good site and rebuilding menus from scratch.

    Tool might want to handle failure to write changes more gracefully, and be able to handle a blank menu.config on open 🙂