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Multiuser environment

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    Currently I am running Publii on my desktop.

    Is it possible to install Publii on server so multiple users can collaborate editing post?

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    I’m afraid it’s not.

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    I mean editing different post, not the same post. If not able to allow different author editing posts, what is the purpose of the author feature?

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    Just read the doc, it use dropbox for multiple authors on multiple computers.

    I think I need a folder sync software on Windows server environment.

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    Has anyone tested this out with using Git?

    I assume that Publii stores edits on the users local drive before anything is uploaded to the server. So, would it be possible to use a Git repo, and allow users to make edits, and do push & pull requests to fnalize changes between multiple users, then deploy to the server?

    Git workflows would be useful in this case.

    If anyone has tried this, please let me know 🙂

    As far as I understand, the Publii native app stores changes locally in the /sites/ folder (is this correct) ?

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    [anonymous] wrote:

    As far as I understand, the Publii native app stores changes locally in the /sites/ folder (is this correct) ?

    The hairy problem is having many writers to a shared state without some 3rd party oracle. Particularly in the SQLite database (used alongside the input files). The same sqlite is also a binary-ish format of which git is not aware and will only blob and not merge.

    For true concurrent multiplayer-editing you should probably go with a different CMS altogether. But for sharing write access between two people and a few more computers I’m using syncthing (which by itself is really awesome) without issues; just share the “sites location” (or some parent thereof).

    Dangerous hand-waving statement: I also have conceptually similar programs on the same setup (humans producing content stored in sqlite on syncthing) without real-world issues for 15 people; people just don’t write as often/as much ICT to assume/guarantee.

    Note there are also projects that try to make sqlite git-able, I have no experience using those and do not suggest aiming at your own foot.

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    Hi Jay0,

    Thanks for the info.

    I’m really not too worried about it right now. I think it will be great to share simple HTML & MD files between Publii users, but I have not tested this yet. I think a simple Copy-Paste will suffice for new pages.

    Since we are on this topic, I’d actually like to put my advice out there and diffuse the importance of this type of feature.

    In my 25 years of web design, digital marketing, and SEO, never once have I actually had the need or even witnessed simultaneous bloggers and writers. I have only seen simultaneous developers, so Git is fine for customizing themes in this case. I know that some very large news-press agencies that run on WP might need this feature, but the hard truth is that no writer or blogger should ever have the authority to publish anything on any website, without being handled and curate by an SEO specialist. There are too many follies and things that can break, or simply published incorrectly. Even the content itself can have negative side effects if they publish something that “steps on their own toes” so to speak.

    All writers and bloggers should not compose their content on any CMS at all. They should use their own Doc editors or anything else like Google Docs, or a MarkDown editor, really ANYTHING except the CMS where clicking “publish” is readily available. It’s just bad practice and dangerous to allow any writer to have the ability to nuke a website’s SEO and reputation at the push of a button.

    With that being said, I think any document collaboration software would be the best suggestion for anyone who is interested in collaborating. There are some great tools out there like Google Docs which is free, and others like which also has wonderful collaboration tools and Markdown support.

    I will test what ways Publii can import and manage simple HTML & MD files, but I’m pretty sure a manual Copy-Paste is the go-to method right now.