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My recent posts vanished from Publii. Poofff!

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    I synced 8 posts to my website this month. They are live on the website. Even my website says “Updated on February 5, 2023”

    But Publii shows it was last synced on Jan 29. And I can see posts until then.

    The recently published 8 posts in Feb are nowhere to be seen. Also had 3 drafts, yet to be synced. Those are gone too. And It’s not only the posts; the new tags I added to those posts are also not on the list.

    It seems the recent changes, after 29 Jan are just undo-ed.

    What to do? What solution do you suggest?

    PS… I checked the output folder of my site in Publii documents. The index.html files of the recent posts are there.

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    We did not noticed such issues before – it seems that somewhat you or your OS have reverted your website files to state from January. I strongly recommend to do backups of your website data regularly to avoid such situations.