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Need Help to Create Post List from Specific Tags

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    I got the following example working great for non-lazy load pages:

    However, I can’t get working for lazy load, as I don’t understand handlebars and sub-expressions.

    The article stated to substitute `{{{lazyLoadForContentImages text}}}`  for this`{{{parseShortcode (lazyLoadForContentImages text)}}}`

    However the post.hbs file of the simple theme has {{{lazyLoadForContentImages text @config.custom.lazyLoadEffect}}}

    How to I add `parseShortcode ` to this code? I can’t get working.


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    Anyone able to assist?

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    Please try to use:

    {{{parseShortcode (lazyLoadForContentImages text @config.custom.lazyLoadEffect)}}}

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    doesn’t work (whether i add the code or replace it) the following error….

    Rendering process failed

    An error (1002) occurred during parsing post.hbs file.
    Cannot read property 'match' of undefined
    placed the code here:
                {{#if @config.custom.lazyLoad}}
    	{{{parseShortcode (lazyLoadForContentImages text @config.custom.lazyLoadEffect)}}}
                   {{{lazyLoadForContentImages text @config.custom.lazyLoadEffect}}}
                    {{{parseShortcode text}}}
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    Hi Jaxterama, I think you don’t need it. The upcoming version of Publi 0.36 comes with a native lazy loading mechanism, so the helper won’t be needed anymore. Have a look at any of the available themes compatible with 0.36 version and you will see what I’m talking about.

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    I followed the instructions from this page and got stuck on the last step, which is entering the code into the post. Where to enter exactly?
    [posts tags="x,y,z" count="5"]
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