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Need help tweaking the Newsletter Form

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    Hi, so I have used Buttondown to generate a HTML form to capture email addresses for a super simple newsletter.

    I have two problems:

    1 – I don’t know how to disable the boilerplate text that Publii seems to include the form no matter what you actually enter in the configuration. Everything circled in red shouldn’t be there, seems to be included by default and can’t be removed. Not a huge deal.

    2 – Clicking on the close button doesn’t actually close the newsletter form. This is gamebreaking for me as the form cannot be closed, taking up screen real estate and frustrating my users. Tried in two different browser (Chrome and Firefox and on desktop and on mobile).

    Can someone give me some advice on this please? I’ve attached screenshot and the code for the form is below.

    onsubmit=”‘;, ‘popupwindow’)”
    <label for=”bd-email”>Subscribe to be inspired by new content ❤️ </label>
    <input type=”email” name=”email” id=”bd-email”>
    <input type=”hidden” value=”1″ name=”embed”></input>
    <input type=”submit” value=”Subscribe”></input>
    Powered by Buttondown.

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    Looks like you are using Editorial theme.If you are looking to change or modify/remove the words “Subscribe/ Get the latest news………”,

    Go to editorial.lang.json file. It is located here: D:WebsitesPubliisite_locationyour_siteinputthemeseditorial

    Find this:

    “newsletter”: {
    “title”: “Subscribe to our newsletter”,
    “description”: “Get the latest——–“
    Here is how i have done it:

    Hope it helps you.
    And I cannot visualize your second problem. Any website link if you can post it here ?




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    Thank you, and I should have mentioned that I’m using the Documentation theme. I’ll give what you’ve suggested a try!

    For the second problem, it’s literally that clicking the small x in the top right corner of the notification popup doesn’t do anything, at all.

    It just doesn’t close the popup, thats all.

    Avatar photoBob

    Hi TinyBats,

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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