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Need help with Publii “menus” options

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    Hi friends and devs. I think this is an easy situation but it became hard for me. I created a menu with 6 menu items. Some of the menu items have type as a frontpage, some as a post link. Now I need to give to menu item a role of link to section in index file. I don’t need to link to another file, I just want to scroll to section in index file.
    In static webdev (without cms) I just create menu item “li” with “a” and as href = “#section_name” and in index.htm – section with id = “section_name”. Easy. But in case of Publii menu I am confused now))   I thought that this is a role of “internal link” but in this case #section_name is not working.
    How to scroll to the exact section in index file with a help of Publii Menu item?

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    I am speaking about anchor links with a help of “add menu item”

    Avatar photoBob

    Exactly the Internal option is the best for your needs. Note that it will work on the live server only.

    Select an Internal link and enter #section_name in the Internal URL field.

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    I was trying locally with “preview your changes”. Thank you Bob, will try again on live server

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    Hi Yaroslav,

    I link page sections using external link.

    E.g.: assign the id to a section:

    In the menu I just set external link URL to #contacts, like this:

    It works fine for me.

    Thank you! I was doing the same way, but didn’t know that it is not working in “preview your changes” mode. Will test on live server this days )