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Needing to change the Font used for the Website Title in Taste Theme

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    Hey, so I’m trying to change the default Font used for the Website Title for the Website Theme “Taste” to Roboto Slab, I’ve looked in a number of different locations but I can’t find out where to change this in the filesystem. Can somebody who knows more point me in the right direction please?

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    Which version of the Taste theme do you use?

    Version 1.8 or version 2.0?

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    Version 1.8

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    The font is loaded in the file head.hbs.

    On the following line:

    <link href=”,600%7CMontserrat%7CDamion&amp;display=swap&#8221; rel=”stylesheet”>

    Replace the font Damion with the font that you want to use.

    And on line 562 in the file main.css you can change the font:

    font-family: “Damion”, cursive;

    Good Luck 🙂