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Netlify not working with xubuntu?

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    I am using xubuntu with the xfce interface. I have a problem when I want to save my Netlify data and synchronize my site.
    Data cannot be saved. I don’t have a specific error message.
    Do you have a tip?

    thank you very much in advance

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    If I understand there is a problem with saving access data – please try to check if your linux have dependencies installed according to the requirements of the keytar module (used to safely store passwords):

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    I had the same issue with Kubuntu 20.04LTS and Publii v.0.37.x, which in reality will probably happen to any one who is not using GNOME as desktop on is Linux

    Even if I execute

    npm install keytar
    and install libsecret-1-dev
    and reboot

    I had to install gnome-keyring as mentioned here:

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    @Tomasz Dziuda

    to prevent messages like these:

    I would like to propose a change in the documentation and/or it could be mentioned in a GitHub Issue Template

    to say something like: Linux require libsecret but also gnome-keyring which is not by default is you use XFCE, KDE or any other DE not base on GNOME.

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    Not to open another thread for the same kind of error

    I’m using KDE on Debian 11 and during my first try Publii 0-38.3.deb managed to install the dependency gnome-keyring, but it’s still not working

    sudo dpkg -i Downloads/Publii-0.38.3.deb 
    Selecting previously unselected package publii.
    (Reading database ... 166178 files and directories currently installed.)
    Preparing to unpack Downloads/Publii-0.38.3.deb ...
    Unpacking publii (0.38.3) ...
    dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of publii:
     publii depends on libappindicator3-1; however:
      Package libappindicator3-1 is not installed.
    dpkg: error processing package publii (--install):
     dependency problems - leaving unconfigured
    Processing triggers for mailcap (3.69) ...
    Processing triggers for hicolor-icon-theme (0.17-2) ...
    Errors were encountered while processing:
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    I will try to diagnose this issue under Publii 0.39 – maybe keytar update will also help more.

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    Just been trying to install on Debian 11 as well and it looks like libappindicator3-1 has been replaced by libayatana-appindicator3-1 to me.

    To quote the Debian 11 release notes.

    “The deprecated libappindicator libraries are no longer provided. As a result, the related packages libappindicator1, libappindicator3-1 and libappindicator-dev are no longer available. This is expected to cause dependency errors for third-party software that still depends on libappindicator to provide system tray and indicator support.

    Debian is using libayatana-appindicator as the successor of libappindicator. For technical background see this announcement.”“

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    As a temp fix for Debian 11 (and it will probably break in the next update) you can….

    Open a terminal in the directory with the downloaded Publii deb and extract it to a folder (in this case called ext)

    dpkg-deb -x Publii-0.38.3.deb ext
    mkdir ext/DEBIAN
    cp ext/control ext/DEBIAN/control
    nano ext/DEBIAN/control

    change libappindicator3-1 to libayatana-indicator3-7, ctrl + x and save.

    dpkg -b ext publii.deb

    to rebuild a deb with the changes and then install that. Works fine on mine.

    It is a better idea just to use the appimage though….but not as much fun 🙂