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New Windows Installation and backup.

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    I was forced to reinstall my Windows OS and lost all local files/backups for my blog.

    Reinstalled again the publii software and connected to my server with FTP details but don’t know how to load in the publii software previous setup, posts, etc.

    My blog

    Avatar photoBob

    If you have not saved the site directory (Documents ▸ Publish ▸ sites ▸ YOUR_ SITE) or/and the backup files, unfortunately, you will not recover the page.

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    I was thinking that these are uploaded also on server and can be imported anytime in the publii software to continue the work.

    If right now I will make /blog1 and try to clone what I have on /blog. Than I can rename directory name and change Remote Patch in the publii tool?

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    I’ve done this a couple times, haha.  There are a couple things you can try:

    Go into your main OS drive (probably C:) and look for a Windows.old folder.  I forget the specifics, but you could have your entire user folder (Documents/Publii!) in there.

    I’ve also used Recuva to recover some deleted files with a little success.  I was able to grab some important files – theme’s config, etc.  Only works on an actual hard drive, not an SSD.  I’d also do this ASAP as the more you install/use/download, the more likely it is you’re overwriting your old files.

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    I’have got the same problem with an Ubuntu reinstallation. So I have to recreate my website and duplicate manualy my pages.

    May be, it would be possible when you do a sync with the server to send also a back up of YOUR-SITE ?