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Newbie – problems with Publii on Linux

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    Avatar photoandydj

    Hi, I’m new to Publii, and trying to get a grip on it, but I’m seeing a lot of random instability and weird behaviours.

    1. Tags editor randomly refuses to add tags, saying “already in use” but then accepts them later after fiddling round. For example, trying to add the tag “Woodwork” was refused, but changing the name to just “W”, and then progressively adding the remaining letters eventually worked. As an aside, the user interface is also confusing, as saving a tag immediately reopens it for editing, but the change in context is not particularly clear, so I’ve inadvertently lost some tags I thought I’d entered, because it wasn’t clear I was editing the one I’d just created. Now I know, I can work round this, but it was a bit annoying.
    2. Lockups when saving posts or other “write” operations, and apparent loss of content in posts, but content reappears when I kill and restart the app.
    3. Twice I’ve had SQLite db constraint errors when doing “normal” operations.

    Do I just have a bad build, or am I doing something wrong?

    Avatar photostoptouchingme

    specifying the OS and the package source may help others to diagnose your issues

    what i can say is that, while Publii is ‘buglii’ at this time, i’m not having the more serious problems you’re describing

    i’m running an Arch derivative and using the ‘publii-bin’ package rather than the ‘publii’ package, (currently 0.44.1) with the external electron dep, ‘electron26-bin’ (currently 26.6.3)

    Avatar photoandydj

    Thanks for the reply – I didn’t want to bog the post down with too much detail at the top. I’m running on Debian Bullseye on Intel hardware with the Mate GUI. I installed via the .deb package downloaded from After digging round a bit more, it seems that some substrings are just “disallowed” in tag names – I had a look at the SQLite db to see how it ticks, and the tag names it’s complaining about are definitely not in the tags table. If I manually insert the tag I want (e.g. “Woodwork”) it appears in the interface and seems to work, though of course this is not a proper solution and could obviously cause problems elsewhere. At this stage I’m just evaluating the program.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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