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No preview with v 0.38.2, but working with v 0.29.1

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    Avatar photoDDFF

    I´m trying to get things done with this prog, I sure like it by now.

    I got 2 questions though:

    I. There is no preview at all with 0.38.2. I´m using 0.29.1 now, this is working.

    II. For every preview Publii is opening another tab! Am I doing something wrong?

    My system: Windows 10, latest Firefox

    Thank You!


    Avatar photoTomasz Dziuda


    1. As you have used very old version of Publii, most probably there is some conflict with your current theme – please try to update it to the newest version and check again. I suppose that some non backwards-compatible changes casues your issue.
    2. Yes, at this moment there is an only way to open the preview as we have no control over the opened browser. If we will find a way to refresh only a specific tab with website – we will solve this issue

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    Avatar photoDDFF


    thank you for the info! The preview did not work with the latest version of Publii, so I tried the old version, which is working.

    I appreciate your efforts to build that program, I will try to make it work as I like this software very much.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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