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“no such column: xxxxx” error

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    I’m using the theme “portfolio” and perhaps there is an issue with the theme, but all of a sudden, I’m getting this rendering process failed error, and says no such column: xxxx (where xxxx is the name/title of a post).  If I hide the post, it previews fine.

    I’ve deleted all posts, and remade them, and it previews, but then, every now and then, it shows this error when I haven’t honestly done any changes..

    Seems like it is a database error but the column in question exists when you check the SQL file… Help!

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    So I realised that when you select front page post order by title, it fails to process. But if by date, it seems to render fine…any tips?

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    Can you provide some details about your Publii installation? For example, your Publii version, your computer operating system and version numbers. Presumably, you’re using Portfolio v1.4.1.0, yes? Also, perhaps check if there is an entry for your error in ‘Log viewer’ in ‘Tools & Plugins’.

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    Hi, latest publii version, and mac os, no other errors.  If I goto post order and select by name, it results in the ‘no column’ error.  If I do by post id, it works fine, so I adjusted the sequence of adding my posts.

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    Looks like a bug (at least when using MacOS): Maybe some updates are needed.

    Steps to reproduce for Portfolio theme v1.4.1.0 with Publii v: 0.42.1 (build 16233):

    Site Settings > Advanced options > Posts Listing > then in ‘Posts order by:’ choose ‘Post title’.

    Any other choice doesn’t seem to generate the error you mention. So ‘Post creation date’, ‘Post modification date’, and ‘Post ID’ display preview normally without the error.

    Can @Bob or @@Tomasz Dziuda check it out?

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    Ok, finally I was able to reproduce this issue – this seems to be a Portfolio theme related issue, because it not occur on all themes. I will deeper investigate what is a reason in this case next week