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offline chromebook app?

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    Hello All. Just found Publii, and I think I’m hooked! Thanks.

    So, all of us newbies are permitted a goofball comment or question, right? Here it is: What would it take to make Publii run (someday) on super-cheap chromebooks? (offline!)

    Here’s an even goofier question (from a hardware engineer): Can’t you just (someday) put all of the javascript code into an html file, then just click it open to run the whole Publii thingy inside the browser (offline) ?

    (I’m looking for a few low-cost tools for offline academic environments in low-income parts of the planet…)
    Thanks for your patience!


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    Hmm… What about this:
    “Browserify seeks to extend the Node ecosystem into to the browser.”
    “And I almost immediately fell in love with browseify when I realized I could write code that looks like NodeJS modules, but have it run in my browser!”

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    And some notes about access to the local filesystem:
    “Naturally, browser-hosted JavaScript cannot access the file system of the user’s machine (at present; someday, some kind of sandboxed access may happen — the last attempt failed, but that doesn’t mean the next one has to).”
    “Probably the easiest way for the pieces to interact would be HTTP, which you can trivially support using ExpressJS.”


    Native File System
    Draft Community Group Report, 5 May 2020
    “The Native File System API (formerly known as the Writeable Files API) enables developers to build powerful web apps that interact with files on the user’s local device,”


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    Sorry, but due use of few natively compiled packages there is no way to implement Publii in such way.

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