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Only one click to Sync your site instead of two and make it sync in background

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Is it possible to the following highly convenient features:

    1) Sync your website with one just click instead of the two like now. Anyway, when we save our posts, we want to sync to our website. We don’t need a second prompt to confirm that and to see the dedicated syncing window every single time, no?

    2)  This syncing could happen seamlessly in the background so that we can continue to work on the posts or on any window we are on, without the dedicated sync your website window taking over our work and flow of thought. This background syncing progress could be shown somewhere in the left bottom corner or somewhere as we continue to work so we know we to wait it to complete till we save the post again or sync again.

    3) Show this one-click sync your website in the background button on the bottom left corner even when our post is open. So that after we save the post, we can sync the website from there itself while keeping the post open. And wait for the sync to get over in the left corner before saving the post again. Sometimes we have already published a post and we need to make quick edits without going through these double clicks for sync your website.

    I know you may have set this double click system for some reason and maybe it is not possible in the programming but the just letting you know that the above 3 will really make publii feel like we are writing and posting online like on wordpress (maybe even more convienient than wordpress), as only one click will be needed to sync in the background without losing our focus on writing even while syncing. Thanks.

    Anyone else thinks these 3 will be really useful?

    Avatar photoBob

    The double-click option prevents you from accidentally sending an unfinished site, post, etc … to the server. Maybe this is a good idea for the plugin, but as basic functionality, we won’t change it.
    The 0.38.x Publii version brought the “Minimise Sync Pop-Up” feature, so you can work while the sync process is running in the background (

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Thanks for your reply Bob.

    A plugin for this will also be nice.

    But if the default is double-click, could you not please give an option to us users in the App Settings for those who want to change to background single-click with the sync button even in the post editor, so that the sync website window never comes up at all and disrupts our writing. That would be a win-win for both the types of users who prefer double-click sync or single-click background sync while writing or editing a post.

    It will make Publii so seamless and non-intrusive for some of us and we would feel like we are blogging in an online cms with all the additional benefits of Publii.

    I just saw the Minimize Sync Pop-up option. Thanks so much. It only appears when the sync starts so I missed it due to the dark theme.

    It is good to have this option but it does not fix the sync website window popping up and halting the flow of writing and making us double-click everytime.

    Most of the times, we sync our blogs when they are small changes which we want them to go online right away and can’t wait to sync with other future changes together. We just can’t resist or wait due to having used online cmses before. I think all of us know this temptation.

    For such regular small syncs, having to double click and seeing the sync window everytime and then clicking minimize becomes really painstakingly cumbersome.

    Plus due to the small changes being synced, the sync happens quickly so it does not matter if we click minimize or not.

    I have previously used a fantastic wordpress plugin called editus where one can edit live on the site in the front-end and just press save and edit gets saved instantly.

    Also flarum forum software has very easy and instant front-end editing from the bottom even while browsing the forum.

    I know Publii is a static site generator so it cannot be compared to these two.

    I am just saying that if you please give the single-click to sync in the background non-default option is the app settings for those who want to use it, Publii will become as or even more easy for editing or writing posts and quickly syncing even the smallest changes.

    I am willing to donate if you can add this as a non-default option in the app for those who want to switch it on.

    And if not, I will surely buy this plugin too and will donate for it if needed.

    But this option feels to me as an basic optional app functionality which could be there in the app itself. Thanks again.