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Open links in new tab?

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    Sorry if this has already been discussed before. I searched the forum beforehand but I didn’t find any related topic (but maybe I missearched and I’m simply a dumb person)

    Anyway, is there a way to set the links (external ones) to open in a new window/tab? I mean the classical:


    I’m pretty new to Publii (I installed it yesterday) and I didn’t find any option in the settings.

    Once more, please excuse me if this has been already discussed.

    Thank you all!


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    Links can either be in the menu or anywhere within content.

    If the link you are referring to is within the menu, then you would either either “add menu item” or “edit” one that already exists. Here, you can set “link target” to “new window”.

    If the link is within the content, when you create a link, you have the same “link target” option.

    I have never really had much luck editing a link, I often just recreate it. I assume the same option exists when editing a link.


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    Thanks for the quick reply, publii-slpa.

    Yes, I refered to the in-post links. The problem is, the option you refers to ; «link target» is only showing when you create a WYSIWYG post. If you write it in Markdown (which is my case), you don’t have this menu.

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    Ahhhh… that is because markdown is limited. We trade convenience for limited.

    I imagine that something could be done within the template and config.json.

    I don’t have a ready answer on that. Sorry.

    I will poke around to see if anything comes to mind. I am kinda new to Publii too.

    I am diving into the deep end head first! Or is it the shallow end?