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Overrides for Massively theme being replaced by defaults

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Hi, I’ve used overrides for Publii before with another theme, but the Massively theme keeps writing over my overrides.

    I’ve placed my `style.css` override in the `input>massively-override>assets>css` folder. I used Notepad++ to edit the formatting and added my changes.

    After saving, I clicked “Preview your changes” and the theme looks the same as default. Notepad++ also says that there’s a newer version of my file and I see in my file explorer that style.css has been overwritten back to the original style.css.

    I’ve placed this in the bug report area as I think it’s a bug, but any ideas on what I can do besides edit my css manually after syncing my site? Thanks for the awesome CMS, by the way!

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Sorry, I meant `input>themes>massively-override>assets>css`. Missed a folder 🙂

    Avatar photoBob

    You should override the main.css file.

    The style.css file is the output file built from the following files: main.css + visual-override.js + custom.css.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Thank you! It worked as you said.

    I’ll close this topic now.