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Pages vs Posts – Can I create Pages as well as Posts?

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    Can someone point me in the direction of the best way to create actual PAGES for my small website, rather than having everything as POSTS and having all the links jumbled up. If there is a theme that allows this I am more than happy to buy it.


    Website is

    Avatar photoBob

    Hi, just mark the post as Hidden,
    Also, if you want to change the HTML structure of this page, you can create the alternative post-template

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    Hi Bob, I appreciate the reply. Thankyou!

    Sort of related question, is it possible to designate a single page as the BLOG page (other than the front page, and for that to simply list all the posts that aren’t hidden?

    Avatar photoBob

    Unfortunately not.

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    No problem. Thanks anyway Bob! I’ve donated in the past and will continue to support the project.

    Avatar photoBob

    Tanks a lot for your help. A big Publii update is coming…

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    Can we get a tease as to what this update’s about? I’d like to have some hints for helping provide some inspiration as to what I may be able to focus on with my website’s development. One thing I’d appreciate would be to be able to have videos displaying where my front page’s background images usually are.

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    FlyingFins, while that sounds like a great piece of functionality, respectfully I think that a PageBuilder should be a higher priority.

    Maybe I’m overlooking this (and it’s entirely possible, I picked Publii because of it’s easy-to-learn GUI as I’m fairly new to this) but a Blog is just a smaller componant of an actual website and it would be great (amazing) to be able to create Pages, and link them as such without having to work around the limitations and jerry-rig it to list everything as a Post and delist things (hide) from main blog index.

    Mad respect to the Devs, they’ve delivered on something that a dozen better funded and more well known products haven’t – making a static site builder that doesn’t involve literally learning another programming language to use, they’ve dropped the bar for entry and raised the bar on quality and security. I’ve been switching friends to creating their websites on Publii, I voted in the recent polls for best Static Site Builder and I’ve donated over $100 USD to it’s continued development.

    This project is amazing, unique and NEEDED, and I look forward to continued to learn to use it.

    I just hope at some point Pages become a thing.

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    Publii needs pages. Most websites are not built entirely (or at all) from posts. Pages shouldn’t be a Publii hack requiring flipping a lot of UI controls and possibly using a custom post template.

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    TinyBatz: amen! I couldn’t agree with you more. A BIG thanks to the developers of Publii. I’d been looking for something similar for years.

    As for pages. As I said before: this is nothing more than a cosmetic issue. Pages EXIST. They’re just given the cryptic name ‘Hidden posts’. Change the labels in the UI from ‘Hidden’ to ‘Page’ and ready.

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    And that my whole point – Setting up Pages is NOT intuitive. Any time the user has to go back to the docs for something that should be core functionality, that’s not ideal. Thats when people give up and go somewhere else.

    One of the core tenets (and rightfully so) is usability and ease of use – not having a simple “oh, I click this button to add a Page, not a Post” goes completely against those ideas. Publii’s whole draw is that its’ great for people that don’t want to learn another programming language just to compile a static website.

    I have nothing more to say on this thread, so I’ll close it off.