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Pages – What Features are Needed, Wanted or Nice to Have’s?

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    In a previous thread, the devs have agreed that Pages would be a great feature to smooth things over with new users and encourage further adoption and popularity of Publii. So lets get a clear idea of what that looks like. I’m not a web dev or serious coder so I’ll do my best to express what it is I am looking for in a Pages feature in Publii.

    Must Have

    • There should be a separate section above Posts, in the same style but it lists all the Pages in the site.
    • Pages should consist of a content area, with no title inherently attached to it the way that current Posts have (for example, I should be able to make a Page with no mandatory title viable at the top)
    • Pages should not be inherently linked or related to each other the way that Posts are.
    • Pages must be able to have embedded html (as current Posts can) so that I can embed an external contact form, etc.
    • Pages must have their own unique URL so they can be addressed and linked to from other parts of the site.

    It’s possible to get these things now through a series of workarounds and edits (except the “Page to Host your Blog” part) all I am asking for as far as I can tell is that these functions are streamlined for the end user, with a GUI, clickable buttons and clearly marked sections for Pages, not just posts. As far as I can tell (I ight be totally wrong here) but these are all relatively minor changes that shouldn’t affect the underlying deep structure of Publii in a huge, expensive or significant way, but will make a huge difference to usability.

    Should Have

    • A Page that can function as a Blog page, so that you can have a website to look at then browse to a single page on that site where you keep your blog, as a single page, not the whole site.

    Nice to Have

    • Can’t think of anything.

    Please keep all replies to this thread about the exact features you want to see in Pages, and not to discussing whether you think they are needed or not.

    Avatar photoVerhoeckx

    I think that you first have to ask the following questions:

    1. What is a post (what are the attributes of a post) ?
    2. What is a page (what are the attributes of a page) ?
    3. What are the differences (which attributes differ)?
    4. What are the similarities (which attributes do they have in common)?

    If you have the answers to those questions, you can start thinking about how to implement the pages. Maybe it’s good to make a domain model first.

    ps: I only discovered Publii two week ago and it feels a little bit arrogant of me to say what Publii should do or shouldn’t do. I’m only expressing my thoughts based on my first impression.

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    I feel like I’ve done a pretty adequate job of explaining what I think on the subject up above. If anyone has anything to add, please comment on the thread and give your thoughts on what you want to see.

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    The least they can do is to segregate Posts from Pages. Under Published Section, I see both pages and Posts. When I will have a lot of posts/pages, it will take some time to find a page that needs to be updated. Of course Searching will help but still segregation will help.


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    As said before by other users and in other threads, there’s no need to have a “page” content type.

    Content types are useful when there’s a different structure (fields) and view.

    If you want to have a “page”, just exclude it from homepage and make it hidden. Disable post navigation and related post view. If you want to hide the title you can hide it via custom css or create a custom template for your theme. Maybe I’m wring, but I’ve seen a similar feature in the Meliisa theme available in the marketplace.

    Hope it helps,

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    As also said before by other users – those steps are counterintuitive, difficult to find and utterly at odds with being a total beginner and wanting to build a simple website, not a blog. I’ve stated my ideas above, if anyone has anything useful or new to the conversation, I’d be very open to hearing about it, and hopefully that information can go towards helping to make Publii more total-beginner friendly.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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