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Pagination broken links

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    Pagination is generating broken links.

    But there are some links in pagination that get a / at the end of the link.

    <span class=”html-tag”><span class=”html-attribute-name”>class</span>=”<span class=”html-attribute-value”>pagination-active</span>“></span>1 <span class=”html-tag”></span><span class=”html-tag”><a <span class=”html-attribute-name”>href</span>=”./page/2/index.html/“></span>2 <span class=”html-tag”></span><span class=”html-tag”><a <span class=”html-attribute-name”>href</span>=”./page/3/index.html/“></span>3<span class=”html-tag”></span><span class=”html-tag”></span><span class=”html-tag”><a <span class=”html-attribute-name”>href</span>=”./page/2/index.html” <span class=”html-attribute-name”>class</span>=”<span class=”html-attribute-value”>pagination__nex</span></span>

    The links from pagination similar to “./page/2/index.html/” are generating broken links

    The slash / at the end of the link isn’t compatible with my webhost.

    Thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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