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Please fix: Loosing data due to navigation with mouse buttons

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    To whom it may concern,

    I am a new user and using Publii for a few days now. It makes a good first impression and seems to be an excellent tool for managing content.

    However, I just stumbled on a problem that caused me to loose some data (from a 30min writing session, nothing too dramatic).
    This may be a known problem, sorry for the duplicate then.

    To recreate the problem:

    • Create or edit a post, making a few changes.
    • Use the mouse buttons MOUSE4 / MOUSE5 to navigate to a previous page (for me its MOUSE4)
      (it looks to me, that publii is structured as a website, and the desktop application is a thin browser wrapping it)
    • Result: Your changes are lost without a warning.

    Expected  behaviour:

    • Issue a warning popup, like e.g. closing without saving, before letting me leave the current view
    • Alternative 1: Provide a way to recover changes, e.g. autosaving
    • Alternative 2: Disable the browserlike navigation shortcuts (make MOUSE4/MOUSE5 inactive)

    Does this happen for other users also? Is there anything I can do better (besides avoiding the mouse buttons)?

    This is actually the first bug report I have ever written in my personal life. I really like the app!

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    To be honest – it is a first kind of this report.

    I cannot reproduce it on my magic mouse on macOS – I suppose that you have some special “go back” button on your mouse.

    Also I cannot reproduce this issue using shortcut used for “Go back” action on Chromium.

    (yes, Publii is based on Electron so it is a browser-based desktop app).

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    Ok, I have found this one:

    I will block the browser-backward command what should fix your problems in the next release 🙂