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Plugin to connect to Lightroom Classic like WP/LR Sync?

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    Hi, I would like to post images on a static site. Currently I connect Lightroom Classic with WordPress, build my galleries and export them to static files with Simply Static. Are there plans to build a similar feature, a plugin or whatever for Publii ? Cheers, Michael

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    1. Export Images from Lightroom:
      • Continue using Lightroom Classic to organize and edit your images.
    2. Export Galleries as HTML:
      • Use Lightroom’s built-in features or third-party tools to export your image galleries as HTML files.
    3. Custom Publii Theme or Integration:
      • Develop a custom Publii theme or integrate the exported HTML galleries into your Publii site structure.
    4. Manually Manage Content:
      • Manually manage the content by copying the exported HTML, images, and any other necessary assets into your Publii project folder.
    5. Publii Configuration:
      • Configure Publii to recognize and display the galleries by adjusting the theme templates or creating custom pages.
    6. Regular Updates:
      • Whenever you update your image galleries, repeat the process by exporting HTML files from Lightroom and updating your Publii site accordingly.
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    Hi, roshyal –

    thanks a lot for your effort on writing this.

    But frankly, that are too much steps, esp. compared to the WP/LR plugin.

    Thanks again,