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PNG files increasing in size after upload?

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    Avatar photoprintpeppermint


    I have been playing with image compression both jpg and png and how publii handles images.

    I had a PNG compressed down to 500kb but when I uploaded, I checked the responsive versions and when I downloaded the XXXL version it was actually 1.5mb … how is this possible?

    Contrastly, when I upload JPGs it seems to crush the heck out of them and get the file sizes super small.

    Any tips or experience on all of this?

    Avatar photoprivii

    This isn’t a “fix” per se but you can go to input\media\posts and run everything through a tool like pinga. The responsive images will stay¬† compressed unless you upload a new image or change the sizes in your theme.

    Also you could enable webp and the absolute majority of your visitors will be served that instead of png.

    Avatar photoitips3727


    As far as I am aware, Publii automatically compresses images for you as part of its final publishing process. So no need to do it by hand. Also, from Publii v0.41 ( ), Publii includes the option of converting all .jpg and .png images to use WebP image formats too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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