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Possible bug: Gallery serving full sized images.

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    Avatar photomasonbee

    Fedora: 34
    Publii:   v.0.38.2 (build 14204)
    Theme: Simple

    Imported a WordPress site and I am redoing the galleries as they imported as bulleted images and the gallery images appear to be being served full size.

    To Repeat

    Go to webpage, click on gallery image, lightbox image is the right height and width but is actually the same mb size as the original image.

    Example URL’s

    Actions taken

    I have tried regenerating thumbnails and re-syncing the site. No change.

    Avatar photoBob

    It’s not a bug, this is how the gallery works: the thumbnails (low resolution/size) are shown in the post body and loaded in full size when viewed in the lightbox.

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    Avatar photomasonbee

    OK, I need to chop down some images then. I’ll throw the wordpress site back up and work on the Publii one until it is right.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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