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Posts in subfolders

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    Is it possible to have child posts or subfolders for posts?

    For instance:

    Parent =
    Subtopic =

    This would help with making more traditional sites (ie not a blog)

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    It is not possible and won’t be possible with posts.

    When we implement Pages feature then it will be possible to create subpages. But at this moment there is no ETA for this feature.

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    Thanks for the reply Tomasz.

    Is there any way that you would consider a donation for a specific feature request like Pages to be added to the roadmap? If so, what amount would be suitable?

    Of course, if it isn’t possible, that’s fine too.

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    To be honest – Pages feature is a big thing 🙂 In fact it requires a lot of hours of work. At this moment we want to focus on polishing current Publii features and then we will back to our two big tasks – Pages and Multilanguage 🙂

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    Ok, no problem Tomasz, I understand. I guess I was just interested to see that your public roadmap has features like IPFS (which seems like  quite a niche feature) but doesn’t mention anything about Pages.

    Anyway, I’ve sent you guys a donation and look forward to seeing how Publii develops.

    All the best!