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PrePurchase: Can Search plugin show the exact sentences in desc where query hits

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    Thanks for all your hard work for the Search plugin. Hats off to  you. You guys are unstoppable.

    But the main basic feature of any Search seems to be missing in the plugin documentation and description.

    So I don’t know if the Search plugin can do it or not.

    When I keep the Search option on Excerpt, will searching show the hit posts’ general excerpt which is useless for search purposes or the actual contextual sentence in each post where the query hit is there, with that hit highlighted in bold, like Google search does?

    I tried to search in some demo themes and it only shows the posts’ general excerpt, which does not help in anyway to know the actual context in which the search query is appearing in the posts.

    In this connection, if it already does that, in order to use it to its full potential, I would also need an option to separately show each and every sentence as a different result with the contextual query hit highlighted, even if there are multiple such sentences in one single post.

    I personally feel these two features are the real meaning of search and these options should be there in the plugin.

    From the search results, I should be able to know that this is the result which I am looking for. So that I click it further to read the whole post. And that is only possible with the above two features.

    I already have a small javascript search side-popup menu on my site which allows me to manually add the titles of each post and search on the fly among only the post titles. And it takes a minute to add each new post title item there.

    So why would I need a proper search plugin at all unless the search results show me the actual context surrounding every single search hit query inside the posts, even if there are multiple such query hit sentences inside one single post.

    Google has always done this and WordPress plugins also do like this.

    My original request for a Search plugin also had included this request.

    So I am not sure if this has been skipped because Flexsearch can’t do this or it is there in the Search plugin. Because I can’t see any settings for the same.

    It is surprising to me that after using such an advanced Flexsearch, there are no options in the plugin to set the search display to display the direct context where the query appears in the actual sentences in the posts, like all searches do, including Google. Isn’t this a no-brainer?

    How would I know whether to click that search result or not unless I can quickly see in the search results the surrounding sentence with the actual context in which the search query hit is appearing?

    Thanks, I hope I was able to explain myself, and awaiting your reply before purchasing.

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    Did you ever get an answer for this?

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    answer is no, at least not yet