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Problem creating post in publli – Javascript issue?

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    Avatar photoDuzzin

    Hi there, anyone encountered the following issue like me?

    “A Javascript Error occurred in the main process

    Uncaught Exception:

    SqliteError: attempt to write a readonly database…..”

    Avatar photomabitoka

    Same here


    Avatar photoBob

    Hi Guys,

    More details please; when exactly it happens: when do you write the first post or the next one? what editor are you using?

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    Avatar photomabitoka

    Did a deinstall of Publii vers 0.36

    Did a fresh install of Publii 0.36.1

    Startet Publii, Add Post screen appears

    Press Button  –> Add New Post

    Enter a title

    Enter a Text “testtext”

    Press Button  –> Save

    Now the Error Message appears as Screenshot above shows


    Avatar photomabitoka

    Sorry , Editor I must figure out, I am currently not familiar with the system 🙁

    Ah found it, WYSIWYG



    Doesn’t work with any of these three Editors (also tried Block and Markdown=

    Avatar photomabitoka


    fiddling around I find the following:

    Deinstall Publii removes the directory :

    C:\Users\Manfred\AppData\Local\Programs\Publii –> as I would expect

    But the following is alive after deinstall:

    C:\Users\Manfred\AppData\Local\publii-updater\installer.exe –> Did not expect to have this on hdd after deinstall


    After all I am not sure why Publii ist installed this way, I would prefer having the programm installed  somewhere i.e d:\  where usually my data are located. Is it possible to leave c:\   untouched, because the operating system sits here?


    Avatar photomabitoka

    Javascript issue solved for me:

    Reason was my Bitdefender Virus Scanner, this software blocked somehow the access to the sqlite database. I don’t know the exact mechanism, but deinstalling Bitdefender helped to get Publii working.  Works like a charm 🙂 Sorry for any circumstances.

    Best wishes!


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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