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Problem with safe password storage software

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    When trying to connect to a GitHub account I get the message:

    “..problem with safe password storage software…”

    Did try to uninstall and erase cache files with no success

    Can you please help me in solving the problem (version 0.39.1 (build 15483) for MacOs Intel Chip)


    Tomasz Dziuda


    Do you have keychain available on your macOS? This error suggests that something is wrong with saving/getting passwords from the system keychain. To be honest – I see it for the first time on macOS – on linux it happens more often due lack of necessary packages (like keyring) on some distros.

    If you can share any additional details regarding keychain configuration on your computer – it can be also helpful.

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    Hi Tomasz,

    Indeed the problem was connected with KeyChain. I remove the GiHub entries and everything looks to be working just fine.

    Thank you for your quick, and correct, replay

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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