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Program and topic translation, why didn’t it succeed completely?

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    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    I’m new here on the forum and among Publii users.
    I installed the program 2 days ago and I can already tell. Yes, what you put together is really cool. He convinced me, and within weeks I’ll be leaving my WordPress site forever.

    In these two days, however, I worked on translating parts of the program into my own language (Hungarian). Based on the descriptions, this was completely successful.

    When I saw that there are still missing parts, I found the description that it still needs to be translated in the template, theme file. In the “Technews” topic, I also did the translation in the “label” and “note” lines in the “config.json” file.

    Everything turned out perfect, except for a single part in the Theme settings.
    There are the “custom settings” and a menu on the left side of that box. (Layout, Cards, Sidebar, Navbar, color, Fonts, etc.) Unfortunately, this did not work.

    I need your help in finding the item of this menu, in which file.

    Thank you in advance
    László Balk

    Avatar photoBob

    The left menu in the theme settings is generated by the group’s name in the config.json file.

    Avatar photo[anonymous]

    Hi Bob,
    I am very grateful for the reply.
    Although I found the solution while reading the documentation. And I’ve already done the translation.
    I don’t have a serious income at the moment, but I would be happy to provide some support in exchange for your answer. Now I have 2 euros, is that enough? (that’s all I have in my PayPal account)

    László Balk

    Avatar photoBob

    Thanks a lot. I do hope you will enjoy Publii.