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Publii Crash after downgrade back to 0.41.1

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    I still run Mojave on an MBP. With the release of 0.42 I stupidly installed the upgrade, though I didn’t catch the lack of support for Mojave. I deleted from Applications and downloaded 41.1 thinking I’d be set. Unfortunately it only crashes upon open every time now. I’ve deleted the app, removed cache, and even tried installing on a fresh User, and in Safe Mode. I’m stumped and would love some help! Thanks in advance.

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    Completely delete the publii folder in my documents. If not, you can try CleanMyMac to do a more thorough cleaning, although I imagine you have already tried it. I can’t help you any further

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    Bingo – well almost. I did that with AVG Cleaner and it worked, but only with an old image version I had of Publii 0.39. Interestingly, I tried with 0.41 and it did not work – crashed again. At least I’m up and running!