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Publii –> Github –> Autodeploy to –> Firebase?

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    I know firebase is not supported yet in Publii.

    But I’ve tried this but no success, here is my goal:
    Publii –> Github –> Autodeploy to –> Firebase

    1. Each time I sync, all files needed by firebase hosting on GitHub will be deleted by Publii sync.
    2. There is no server setup option in Publii, so that I can deploy/sync my website to my GitHub/branch/path (eg. main/public/), so I can not separate firebase files and Publii files.

    Any ideas to achieve my goal?

    Best Regards

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    One thought: use a “manual” deploy, then (using a command in the terminal) copy the files to a directory in your Firebase Github repository. Commit and push from there.

    (Also, in case you weren’t aware: under Tools & Plugins there’s a File manager that allows you to add files to the root directory. Those files will get copied into the deploy directory.)