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Publii + Github not playing nicely

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    Hello Publii Forum
    Posting here if anyone has a solution to my problem. I am using Publii and GitHub Pages. All I want/need is a static webpage/website. I have written the page in Publii and set it to upload to Github pages.
    I am getting this Error from GitHub Pages

    The CNAME `` is not properly formatted. See for more information.

    I have searched both Publii and Github pages in vain for a solution. Can anyone here give me a solution, please?

    Cheers J

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    I suppose this is due fact that you’re using domain 🙂

    Please try to set as a domain:

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    Thanks that seemed to fix the CNAME problem. However, the page is still not displaying as intended.

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    Thanks, I have done that. Hasn’t changed how the page looks in the browser : (

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    For me it looks correct – please clear your browser cache – you have a snake in the heading of your website 😉

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    Whoot we have lift off. Everything working as intended. TYVM for your support.